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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a model in which the mind is considered to be made up of subpersonalities with their own views and qualities.

Jamie Brennan

Offers sessions in-person and online

“When we identify with our pain or what’s not right, everything becomes work. When we connect with our true Self, everything becomes play and or meaningful.” Whether you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or afraid, or are feeling eager and ready to make a big change,…


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Stephanie Small

Stephanie Small is a licensed clinical social worker and nutritionist. She received her BA from Yale University, her MSW from Smith College for Social Work, and certificates in Holistic Nutrition Education and Mental Health Nutrition from Bauman College and the Academy for Addiction and Mental…


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Emilie Graham

Offers sessions only online

I am a relationship-based therapist and your needs shape and guide my approach to our work. As humans, we often internalize beliefs and become stuck in relational patterns. When these beliefs and/or patterns become rigid rather than remaining fluid, our relationships with ourselves and with…


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