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What Our Patients and Partners Say…


Thank you! That was so easy! Cheers,

Rand Kannenberg
MA, CCM, LAC, Exempla Behavioral Health

My patient needed an individual therapy session ASAP. The online scheduling system worked great. There was someone who accepted her insurance, specialized in her problem areas, was close to where she lived and worked, had appointments available the same day.

Tom Swartz
Case Manager, Exempla West Pines Hospital

It will be a pleasure to work with Westside Behavioral Care who provides some of the best outpatient services in the Front Range. After many years of hearing your name, it was great to meet you in person.


Hi Tom, Just wanted to let you know I spoke with Leigh from L & H and directed her to the WBC website. She also mentioned referring a patient on Friday who was SO happy to get an appointment right away! She said she refers a lot of her patients to Westside.

Brenda G.

I really like your system. Setting up an appointment myself is very easy and much appreciated by the patient. I am grateful that I have you as a resource.

Michelle Brennan
Cooke, PhD

We would like to offer our sincere appreciation for the excellent care you provide to our members.

Theresa B

We are so pleased you guys could help us out to find someone to see our son. Between me and my ex-husband we called over 30 therapists on our in-network lists and either no one called us back or were not accepting new patients! So thank you!

Rand L. Kannenberg
MA, CCM, LAC, Exempla Behavioral Health

I love your online scheduler. It's unheard of that I saw the patient in the Emergency Department at Lutheran yesterday and she already has an appointment set for 6:00pm today. Thanks for this great service.

Jane Robb

As a therapist I enjoy my experience with Westside. The referrals are good and I especially like not having to deal with insurance companies. Westside takes care of all the billing hassles. Thank you!

Ben B.

I have had a great experience with my Westside therapist. She has bent over backward to schedule me and support my self journey.

Jerry Vaccaro
M.D. CEO PacifiCare Behavioral Health

For the past several years, we've been closely monitoring the quality of our network practitioners. We are pleased to say that you are among those demonstrating the best clinical outcomes. Thank you again for continuing to provide exceptional care and service to our members.