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About Us

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Westside’s Mission

Our mission is to facilitate a timely gateway to outpatient, mental health services. We make it easy for people in our community to use their insurance benefits to access exceptional therapists in private practice.


Our scheduling process features our proprietary Search-and-Schedule calendar app, which matches clients with available therapists who actually meet clients’ needs. Matching factors include therapist availability, insurance coverage, specialty, client age, location (for in-person sessions), telemedicine (for sessions online), time of day, and day of week. Unlike other companies who work with therapists in private practice, our app schedules real appointments: long gone are the days of submitting an appointment request or leaving a series of voicemails hoping one of a dozen providers gets back to you. At our core, we believe that finding the right provider and scheduling an appointment as soon as possible increases client outcomes and satisfaction. Our client satisfaction rating is 4.5 out of 5.

Our team works tirelessly to match people seeking care with providers actively accepting new clients. We are constantly improving our website, simplifying our scheduling software, building relationships with partners, and empowering providers to establish and grow their private practices.

For those who prefer a more personal touch, our scheduling team provides one-on-one assistance over the phone and by email. For those who prefer efficiency and convenience, the Schedule Online tab on our website shows up-to-date provider availability and allows visitors to self-schedule appointments in as little as 5 minutes. To make both approaches as effective as possible, our team is typically able to respond to incoming questions on the same day.

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Patient Values

  • ALL ARE WELCOME. We seek diversity. We encourage creative thinking. We thrive on flexibility. We assume good intentions. But most of all, we warmly welcome those who seek our help and earnestly strive to improve their lives.
  • CONVENIENCE AND AVAILABILITY. Our Search-and-Schedule app allows clients to self-schedule first-time appointments 24/7 through the website, filter by categories important to them, schedule appointments when it’s convenient for them, and display only those providers actively accepting new patients.

Therapist Values

  • EMPOWERING PROVIDERS BY REMOVING SMALL BUSINESS BARRIERS. Westside’s model allows therapists to thrive in private practice by removing two of its biggest barriers: generating referrals and billing insurance. Therapists determine themselves when they are available to see new clients. We match and refer clients their way, and we do the insurance billing once sessions occur. The overwhelming feedback we receive is that therapists are relieved that we handle so many of the admin tasks, which grants them much more free time and the ability to focus more exclusively on mental health care.
  • ADVOCATING FOR WORK/LIFE BALANCE. Westside encourages team members, providers, and partners to do as much as they want but not more than they can. As a mental health company, we know the importance of preserving mental acuity. The benefits of avoiding burnout far exceed the benefits of doing too much for too long. By removing time-consuming administrative burdens, many of our providers are able to pursue other interests including research, writing, volunteering, music, culinary arts, travel, and additional time with their families.
  • OPPORTUNITIES TO EARN A GOOD LIVING. The providers who join our group have the ability to make a good living in private practice by maintaining a 20+-session-per-week caseload. We encourage therapists to pursue their life goals, and we try our best to help them do so.
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Services & Advantages of Joining Westside

  • Steady flow of new patient referrals
    • Scheduling team addresses most initial client questions
    • No back and forth with clients via email or voicemail
    • Clients can self-schedule 24/7
    • Matching clients to providers based on real availability
  • Constant development of new referral sources
    • Freeing providers to focus on client care and outcomes
  • Maintain full control of schedule and caseload
    • Add/remove availability on our calendar to control new client flow
    • Schedule appointments when convenient
  • No monthly membership cost to be a Westside member
    • Active referral calendar
    • Website profile
  • Dependable support teams
    • Billing
    • Client satisfaction
    • Psychiatric and prescriber availability
    • Tech support
    • Reception
      • 8:30am – 5pm live, local scheduling assistance
      • Minimized voicemails
  • Ability to reach a local Westside team member via email/phone in short notice instead of submitting a support ticket
  • Team members available to research and complete projects that therapists do not have time for
    • Copay lookups (automated for fast delivery)
    • Tailored client matching
    • Prior authorizations from insurers
    • Immediate website/calendar updates
    • OR/WA licensing and reimbursement
    • Non-profit health insurance options specifically designed for therapists in private practice
  • Other
    • Generating a large and predictable number of new referrals per week
    • Longevity and security that comes from serving the community for 20+ years
    • Flexibility that comes from a locally-owned company
    • Adaptability that comes from a small, core group of admin/support team members


receptionist at computerWestside Behavioral Care opened in the summer of 1998 with the goal of providing accessible, affordable mental health care to people of all ages across the Denver metropolitan area.

More than 20 years later, we have nearly 250 licensed therapists ready to assist our community. Westside Behavioral Care’s therapists serve adults, children, adolescents, couples and families in Denver, Boulder, and many surrounding areas. Our therapists represent a wide range of clinical backgrounds and specialties, and provide the full spectrum of outpatient behavioral health services, including EMDR, DBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, marriage therapy, couples counseling, and family therapy.

Our online scheduling system allows you to choose a therapist who meets your needs in just a few clicks. You can also schedule an appointment by calling our receptionist Monday through Friday 8:30am-5pm at 303-986-4197 or by filling out the contact forms throughout our website. We work with many major health insurance companies to make therapy affordable.

Thomas R. Giles, Psy.D.
Founder and Director

Founder Tom Giles

Dr. Giles was a clinical psychologist for 20 years before taking on an administrative role with Westside. While a psychologist, he specialized in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder and bulimia, and published numerous papers on these and related subjects. For a number of years he served as executive director for Cigna Behavioral Care of Colorado, and he collaborated with several managed care companies to maximize the effectiveness of psychotherapy across a broad range of disorders. Dr. Giles is author/editor of three books: Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: A Restructuring Approach (with Rian McMullin, Ph.D.), Managed Mental Health Care: A Guide for Practitioners, Employers, and Hospital Administrators and Handbook of Effective Psychotherapy.

Alejandro Silva, MPA (he/him)
VP of Marketing & Operations

Alejandro Silva, Westside VP, headshot outdoors in a blue suitAlejandro serves as the Vice President of Marketing & Operations for Westside. He oversees the company’s day to day operations, expansion efforts, and growing team. Alejandro has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Marketing and a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. With a passion for helping others, he ensures patients and providers alike have a positive and memorable experience with Westside by fostering a company culture which embraces continuous improvement. Alejandro’s strategic mindset and diverse background empower him to easily adapt priorities to achieve company goals, establish company-wide automations, implement plans for long-term company success, launch marketing campaigns, anticipate potential issues, and mentor teammates who are continually growing through their roles. Prior to joining Westside in January 2018, Alejandro worked with national and Colorado-based nonprofits where he oversaw digital engagement and implemented mixed media strategies to drive conversions.


Westside received PacifiCare’s “Top Therapists in Denver” rating 4 years in a row.

As part of a quality assurance program, PacifiCare tested WBC’s therapists against hundreds of others in a multi-state region. PacifiCare asked patients to fill out a scientifically-validated survey which measured how they were doing after receiving care. WBC won the award for best clinical results all four years the program was in existence. PacifiCare honored WBC with several awards, commemorative plaques and congratulatory letters. Westside Behavioral Care provides Denver area therapists, licensed clinical social workers, psychologists and licensed professional counselors who go through background, licensing and education checks and meet ongoing performance standards.