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Children (ages 10-12)

Therapists In Denver And Nearby Specializing In Children (ages 10-12)

Children and Mental Health (Ages 10-12)

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental health is an important part of overall health for everyone, including preteens (children ages 10 through 12). Many adults who have mental disorders could have shown symptoms during childhood and adolescence that may have gone unrecognized or misdiagnosed.

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A licensed therapist or counselor can help preteens and families understand what is going on to effectively address issues that arise and provide the necessary support. Early treatment can help prevent more serious issues from arising in the future. In fact, when some adults reflect back on their adolescence during therapy sessions, they tend to remember symptoms of their then-undiagnosed disorders and how it affected them when they were younger.

Common Reasons and Signs to Take your Child to Counseling

Concerned parents may hear from others that warning signs are “just a stage” or that “the adolescent will grow out of it,” but that is not always the case. There are many reasons parents choose to take their adolescent to therapy. Some of these reasons look similar to those seen in adults. Here are some of the more common reasons and signs that lead parents to begin child counseling:

  • Smoking, drinking or are using drugs
  • Change in sleep routine- sleeping too much or too little
  • Experiencing nightmares regularly
  • Struggling at school or academically declining
  • Change in appetite- eating too much or too little
  • Worries of weight gain- dieting or excessively working out
  • Acting violently towards things, other individuals or animals
  • Obsessively repeating tasks in fear that something bad will happen if they are not completed
  • Thoughts or attempts of hurting themselves or suicide
  • Being extremely irritable and easy to anger
  • Spending an increased amount of time alone- withdrawing from social activity they used to enjoy

Types of Childhood Therapy

There are various types of therapy that a therapist may choose to move forward with, depending on the adolescent. These offer individualized options to help treat and prevent issues that an adolescent may be showing signs of.

  • Play therapy
    • In play therapy, a therapist interacts with the adolescent by interpreting play behavior and communication. The therapist watches the adolescent to better understand their emotional and mental health. Therapists use different types of adolescent’s play to help the child figure out, express and manage their feelings.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
    • According to Everyday Health, this is a form of counseling where preteens are taught how their own thoughts can affect their mood and behavior. Preteens are shown how to identify these negative thoughts and patterns and replace them with positive ones.
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
    • Psychodynamic psychotherapy may differ based on the adolescent’s age. In this type of therapy, therapists listen to the adolescent talk through their issues, with the theory in mind that once the struggles have been spoken out loud, the adolescent’s behavior will improve. 
  • Behavior therapy
    • This type of therapy is similar to cognitive-behavioral therapy, but differs in that it focuses on modifying behaviors. This type of therapy helps preteens and their parents identify behaviors that need to be discouraged and encouraged to help create a change. According to Everyday Health, parents may be utilized to help alter the environmental factors that may contribute to these behaviors.

Arranging Child Counseling

A thorough evaluation with a licensed professional can help parents determine whether treatment is necessary and which treatment type may be most effective. An evaluation and therapy treatments can be good avenues to learning more about an adolescent’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Children and preteens can be successfully treated today through various methods, including therapy and counseling. The therapists displayed below specialize in treating children and preteens, are credentialed with various insurance companies, and have varied availability to meet most client needs.

Nicole Woodman LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Nicole is a solution focused therapist. Nicole believes in working together to resolve the challenges you may face in your life. Nicole...

Patricia Ryan-Johnson LCSW

- Offers sessions only online

Available on 5/25/2022 at 1:00 PM. Book appointment.

Welcome. I know that it takes courage to reach out for support, so, thank you for taking the first step to a more fulfilled and happier...

Lisa Dorner-Zupancic LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Available on 5/31/2022 at 1:00 PM. Book appointment.

As a therapist practicing in Colorado Springs, Lisa Dorner-Zupancic is a highly experienced professional therapist serving adults, children,...

Jeff Nelson LCSW

- Offers sessions only online

"Jeff's only seeing clients 18 years old and above for online sessions."

Available on 6/23/2022 at 1:30 PM. Book appointment.

Denver therapist, Jeff Nelson, has been with Westside Behavioral for many years and is a highly experienced, empathetic, and competent...

Jaurene Blacklock CAC III / LPC

- Offers sessions only online

Available on 5/27/2022 at 2:00 PM. Book appointment.

Aurora therapist, Jaurene Blacklock, LPC, CACIII, is a veteran therapist who sees adults, children, families, couples, and adolescents....

Shari Lightfield LPC

- Offers sessions only online

Welcome! You are taking one of the hardest steps to improving your mental health, you have started the search for a counselor. I want...

Christy Laracuente LCSW

- Offers sessions in-person and online

I have been working with children, adolescent and adult individuals for over 25 years in a variety of settings. My work focuses on helping...

Bonnie Mucklow CAC III / LMFT / LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Bonnie does not find online therapy suitable for children ages 9 and under.

Greenwood Village therapist, Bonnie Mucklow, is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), licensed professional counselor (LPC)...

Cameron James LCSW


Cameron James is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with children and adolescents in nearly every level of care across...

Jill Alexander LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

J.Alexander Counseling was founded on the ideals of compassion, safety, empathy, empowerment, trust, and communication. Together, we...

Ann Norris LCSW / MSW

- Offers sessions only online

In my Boulder therapy practice, I am dedicated to providing a supportive, safe environment for clients to work on their own areas of...

Emily Ringle LMFT / LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Hello! My name is Emily Ringle and I am thrilled to be working with Westside Behavioral Care. I hope to work with you on your journey...

Karen Mikolic Ph.D.

- Offers sessions only online

Karen Mikolic, Ph.D. is a psychologist who is Board Certified in Neuropsychology and licensed in Colorado, Florida, and California. Dr....

Sue Crawford LPC

- Offers sessions only online

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and trauma specialist. I have worked with adults, children, teens and families in community, school...

Theresa Palermo LCSW

- Offers sessions only online

Theresa Palermo earned her Bachelors Degree from the University of Maryland in College Park in 1988. Afterwards, she spent several years...

Tracey Andrews LCSW

- Offers sessions in-person and online

"Gender identity clients are limited to children and adolescents."

Child and Adolescent Therapist, Tracey Andrews, LCSW, also specializes in seeing adults suffering from problems such as depression, LGBT...

Matthew McCleary LPC

- Offers sessions only in-person

Hello! I am a licensed professional counselor who works with adolescents and adults at my office in Aurora, CO. I have extensive experience...

Lisa Elsey LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Come step up your mental health with me. 25 years of experience working with children and families in many different capacities including:...

Erica Krakovitz CAC III / Ph.D.

- Offers sessions only online

Our greatest accomplishments involve conquering our fears and insecurities. Sometimes fear and shame keep us stuck and prevent us from...

Brianna Roggow LCSW

- Offers sessions only online

I believe every child, teen and family is unique. With this comes unique challenges that you and your child may be experiencing. From...

Michael Gyorffy LCSW

- Offers sessions only online

Hello! I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) since 2007 and have been working in the mental health field for over 20 years....

Christopher Marhevka LCSW

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Hello! My name is Chris Marhevka (pronouns:he/him). I am a licensed clinical social worker with 7+ years of field experience in mental...

Sarah Deneroff LCSW

- Offers sessions only online

Sarah prefers to work with children, teens, and young adults.

Sarah Deneroff is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been practicing in the social work field with adults, adolescents, children,...

Mayde Jackson LPC

- Offers sessions only online

Racial trauma, adjusting to Covid-19, school stress, work life balance, self-esteem, and relationships, among other issues are difficult...

Jessica Kuchinski LPC

- Offers sessions only online

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist working in the field since 2003, I’ve worked with children, teens,...

Aubrey Adain LCSW

- Offers sessions in-person and online

First, I want to commend you for seeking change and opportunity for your own life or as a support for your child. Accepting the possibility...

Traci Rock LCSW

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Exceptional Lakewood therapy is provided by Traci Rock, LCSW. She is a veteran therapist with special interest in children and families....

Molly Jaques LPC / MA

- Offers sessions only online

Molly is not accepting new male clients over 18 years old and only sees child clients 8 years and older.

Molly Jaques is a LPC or Licensed Professional Counselor. She has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s of Counseling from Regis University,...

Susan Monahan LCSW

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Susan Monahan is licensed therapist specializing in marriage therapy and couples counseling, child therapy, adolescent therapy, EMDR,...

David Karl LPC

- Offers sessions only online

David Karl is a bilingual therapist in Denver able to see English and Spanish speaking patients. English Respecting your culture, empowering...

Jonathan Minifie LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Jonathan C. Minifie has more than 20 years of experience working with adolescents. He has worked extensively with adolescents and individuals...

Rachel Mahoney LCSW

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Rachel Mahoney is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 22 years of experience in working with children, adolescents and adults...

Ben DeVoss LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Let’s face it, life is difficult. While many people eventually find ways to manage their problems one way or another, working with...

Kellee Clark LMFT

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Do you find the same stressors keep showing up in your life? Are you feeling stuck in relationships? Do you often feel bad about yourself?...

April Betty MA

- Offers sessions only online

April is a graduate of Naropa University where she earned her Master of Arts in Somatic Counseling Psychology, with a specialty in Dance/Movement...

Katie Amsberry LPC

- Offers sessions only online

Asking for help can seem overwhelming, but you are truly the expert of your own life. I can guide you through feelings of anxiety, depression,...

Lindy Steece LPC

- Offers sessions only online

I am a believer in Dreams.  I believe Life is short and quality counts.  I am curious about your life:  how you handle situations,...

Rachel Rossi LPC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Rachel is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been practicing therapy with children, teens, adults, couples, and families since...