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Kellee Clark

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Kellee Clark - LMFT
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Kellee is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist, Certified Synergetic Play Therapist, and EMDR Certified clinician. Kellee has been providing therapy services to children, families, and adults since 2010. Kellee has worked in a variety of settings including: providing therapy to those with substance abuse struggles in an inpatient and outpatient dual diagnosis center, providing in-home services with children and families involved with Child Protective Services, providing services to children and families residing in a domestic violence shelter, and providing services to adolescent girls in residential treatment.

Kellee places a high value on relationships as she knows that connection is what keeps us moving forward. Because much of Kellee’s experience is working with trauma survivors she first prioritizes creating a felt sense of safety to allow connection with self and others to form. Kellee brings her authentic self into each session which allows clients to feel at ease and connect quickly with her. Kellee’s approach is research-informed and uses the intuition of the body to accept, navigate, connect, and heal relationships with self and others. Much of Kellee’s work has been with children, and over time she has come to find that even when adults are in her office it is their hurting child within that has come to therapy. Kellee has found her clients experience a deeper level of healing when using her authentic self in sessions, trusting the body, and creating a connection with the child, the child within, or the family in front of her.

Kellee understands how hard it can be to take the leap into healing work for ourselves. She will be present, curious, and connected with you at every step you want to take in your healing journey. Kellee feels a deep sense of privilege and gratitude that she is given permission to walk with others on their journey.

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