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Tracey Andrews

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Tracey Andrews - LCSW
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Child and Adolescent Therapist, Tracey Andrews, LCSW, also specializes in seeing adults suffering from problems such as depression, LGBT issues, and PTSD.

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Tracey is a licensed clinical social worker who has been in private practice since 1997.  She has a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan.   Tracey’s clinical practice includes individuals who present with emotional, behavioral, cognitive, family, and other relationships issues.   She is a child and adolescent therapist who also provides exceptional therapy for adults, couples, and families.   Tracey uses her laid-back approach and direct language to connect with children and adolescents.  Her goal is to help them enhance their problem-solving skills.

In her capacity as a child and adolescent therapist, she encourages her younger clients to analyze their behaviors and to make changes that others demand, e.g. parents or legal authorities while pursuing age-appropriate autonomy.  Ownership of a problem allows children and adolescents to make changes with less resentment toward parents, school personnel, probation officers, and therapists.

Tracey uses a variety of tools in addition to talk therapy.  These include play and art therapy, games, journaling, and take-home assignments.Tracey likes spunk in “kids” of all ages.  Whether individuals struggle with depression, bipolar, PTSD, ADD, school issues, relationship difficulties, or other problems, she believes that a key to successful treatment is for clients to be an active participant in their therapy and gain more control of their lives.