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Online Therapy with Our Licensed Therapists

It’s easy to get an Online Therapy appointment with one of our licensed therapists. Just call our friendly receptionist Mon-Fri between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm: 303-986-4197.

Our therapists have the ability to provide Online Therapy. Because location isn’t a factor with online therapy, our therapists can offer this service over the internet to clients located both in the greater Denver area and throughout the state of Colorado. It is much like Skype or FaceTime but has much greater privacy and security protection.

PLEASE NOTE: Your first online therapy appointment can be set by our receptionist. Please call her Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5 pm, 303-986-4197.

Unable to call to schedule your appointment?

Please complete the form below if you are unable to call to schedule your first teletherapy appointment. A member of our team will contact you to get your appointment scheduled.


If you are interested in getting online therapy, please select one of the two options just below.

Option 1 Is for Online Therapy Covered by Private Insurers

We provide teletherapy for people covered by various insurers, including Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, United (or Optum), Aetna (some Aetna plans only), and Humana.

Click the blue button just below (Insurance Tele-Therapists) to go to a page where you can see our online therapists and possibly even self- schedule an online therapy appointment 24/7.

Online Therapists Who Accept Insurance
Option 2 Is for Online Therapy Covered by Medicaid

At this time we accept only those people covered by Colorado Access Medicaid and CCHA/Anthem Medicaid. Don’t worry if you don’t know your coverage: The name of the mental health carrier is rarely stated on Colorado Medicaid (Colorado Health First) cards. We can help you verify coverage before your first teletherapy session.

Click the blue button just below to go to a page where you can see our Medicaid online therapists and possibly even self- schedule an online therapy appointment 24/7.

Medicaid Online Therapists

Why Choose Teletherapy Over Traditional Therapy?

People work with online therapists for many reasons. Removing drive time and time in traffic is a common reason to seek help from online therapists. This can save money, too, by doing so, and it’s much easier for those without transportation or who have mobility challenges.

Online therapy may provided therapy access to some people living in rural areas or other places where access to therapists is unavailable. Some people simply prefer the digital climate to a face-to-face setting.

Teletherapy provides benefits similar to those of traditional therapy except that it is conducted from one computer screen to another rather than in person. Although it is a somewhat new therapy service, it is convenient, easily accessible, and cost-effective…and saves time as well.

More online therapy information may be found at the American Psychological Association.

Already have a teletherapy appointment scheduled with us?

Westside provides teletherapy sessions through the Zoom Teletherapy platform. Zoom is compatible with most Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, tablets, and other smart devices. If you already have a teletherapy session scheduled with one of our award-winning therapists you can access the session through Westside’s Zoom portal by clicking here.


What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is also known as eTherapy (or e-Therapy), teletherapy, video therapy, telehealth therapy, virtual therapy, and telemedicine therapy. Basically, teletherapy is therapy that is conducted via a two-way audio/video internet connection. Teletherapy technology is similar to Skype or FaceTime except that online therapy software used for teletherapy has privacy safeguards.

Is Online Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Teletherapy is covered by most insurance carriers to the same degree as face-to-face therapy. Unlike many teletherapists, our licensed therapists accept insurance coverages of all kinds.

Please read this post for more information.