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Denver Therapy: Signs of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Denver Therapy: Signs of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Here are some signs that aid in recognition of a serious drug or alcohol problem that may be developing in self or others:

1) Needing more and more of the addicting substance (drugs or alcohol).

2) Keeping the company of addicts.

3) Using the substance all day long.

4) Spending less time with people who are “clean.”

5) Denying there is a problem despite the fact that it’s evident to others.

6) Craving the substance when not on it.

7) Missing work or school.

8) Becoming more and more irresponsible.

9) Inability to stop using the substance or even reduce its use.

10) Consuming large quantities of the substance.

There are therapists in Denver and nearby areas who specialize in treating alcohol and other addictions: 303-986-4197.


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