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Vicki Quarles

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Vicki Quarles - CGC / LCSW

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My practice is dedicated to helping clients lead calm and peaceful lives. As a Licensed Therapist and Certified Grief Counselor, I specialize in helping clients who are aging, grieving a loss, or have a normal trait known as a Sensory-Processing Sensitivity, aka, Highly Sensitive People. I am in the Baby Boomer generation and an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)and understand these issues on a personal level. I experienced a significant amount of loss in my life and did not attend graduate school until I was 40 years old as I needed to work through my own issues of grief and depression. I have over 16 years of experience as a therapist. In addition, I have a variety of experience in other related fields, including as a Victim Advocate in law enforcement, a hospice Social Worker, health care Behavioral Health Specialist, and Military and Family Life Counselor. People describe me as genuine, down-to-earth, kind, compassionate, calm, and empowering. I like to think I inspire and empower my clients to take charge of their lives and find meaning in the painful events. Therapy changed my life and I hope that I can “pay it forward”.