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Online Therapy at Westside Behavioral Care

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Online Therapy at Westside Behavioral Care

As we mentioned in an earlier blog, online therapy (also known as teletherapy, virtual therapy, and telehealth therapy) is therapy provided by a licensed Colorado therapist to a client who also may be located anywhere in Colorado. This type of therapy is delivered through a secure video connection over the internet.

What distinguishes Westside Behavioral Care is our willingness to accept insurance for online therapy sessions, including not only private insurers such as Anthem Blue Cross, United and CIGNA but also Medicaid.

Our Online Therapy Platforms

Here at Westside, our therapists use secure platforms to communicate with their clients (known as HIPAA Compliant Platforms). Zoom for Telehealth and OTTO Telehealth are the industry’s premiere, video telehealth services. They are user-friendly and prioritize patient privacy. Using them, you’ll be able to connect one-on-one with your licensed therapist from home, work or other remote locations. Additionally, they are accessible to desktop, mobile and conference room systems.

Getting Ready for Your Session

While online therapy has some obvious benefits (such as saving the time and money it takes to commute back and forth) you still want to be able to get the most out of your session. Some things to keep in mind before you meet with your therapist online:

  1. Find a location that offers as clear a connection as possible, something close to a strong Wi-Fi or satellite signal. If you cannot find such a location, your therapy session may be fine anyway due to the quality of our telehealth platforms.
  2. Find a quiet place that will make it easier to hear your therapist (and for your therapist to hear you) as well as stay focused. This may mean letting your dog into the yard a few minutes ahead of time, silencing your phone or simply locating a room in your home/building with the least amount of noise and the most amount of privacy.
  3. Don’t forget to ensure that your computer or phone is charged or plugged into a power source—otherwise, you may experience an abrupt end to your session!