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Rebecca Hickman

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Rebecca Hickman - LPC
Denver therapist Rebecca Hickman in a patio wearing a burgundy top

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have been practicing in the mental health and addiction field since 2006.  I am passionate about working with clients who have experienced trauma around relationships, have attachment issues, codependency, anxiety, depression, addiction, and survivors of abuse. Many people do not recognize unresolved grief, and the need to address it to heal current relationships. My expertise is also in working with losses which may go back to early childhood, or recent losses that need to be grieved.  Common areas I address are shame, obsessive thinking, being stuck in unhealthy relationships, and family of origin issues. I also teach methods that help clients change the brain, and consequently, behaviors.

Our current relationships in the world reflect our relationships with ourselves, and thus can help us to identify areas that need healing and growth. Being in personal codependency recovery, I am passionate about helping others to recover from abuse, have compassion for the self, and trust in life again. I practice from a client-centered approach in which I utilize a number of modalities based upon the needs of each client. I also address wellness from a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual standpoint.  Overall, I strongly believe that the therapeutic relationship can be one of the most powerful tools for change.