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Jamie Brennan

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Jamie Brennan - LPC
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“When we identify with our pain or what’s not right, everything becomes work. When we connect with our true Self, everything becomes play and or meaningful.”

Whether you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or afraid, or are feeling eager and ready to make a big change, my passion and commitment to my own as well as my clients’ continual divine unfolding combined with my extensive experience and training will provide you with the support and tools you need to create and allow the life you want.

My 17 years of professional (and personal) experience teaches me that creating wanted and lasting change in any area of life involves compassionate, mindful and playful attention to all levels of being: mind, body and spirit. Working from a broad base of experience, I offer approaches and practices that foster growth and healing through gentle and compassionate attention. I am a body and spirit based Psychotherapist, work with trauma and have trained in EMDR, IFS, Hakomi, somatic release, the Enneagram and other psycho-spiritual approaches to healing and growth.

These approaches are well suited for attending to depression, anxiety, bi-polar, relational trauma and marriage struggles, health challenges, significant transitions and grief.

Instead of focusing on solving problems, figuring things out, fixing yourself, or trying to control what others do, I will accompany you on the profound journey of connecting deeply with the True essence of your Self. When people are connected in this way, Self-love naturally arises and knowing what to do and how to do it not only becomes easy, it becomes meaningful and deeply satisfying! Self-sabotage, confusion, depression, frustration, lack of clarity, self-doubt and judgment, blame, fear and the other vitality blockers begin to lose their grip on you in this process, and what emerges is a whole new and satisfying way of living.