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Jeanette Van Akkeren

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Jeanette Van Akkeren - LPC

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Hello! I’m a licensed professional counselor in Westminster, CO with over a decade of experience in the mental health field. I primarily focus on counseling for children (ages 4 and up) and teenagers, as well as families of all shapes and sizes. I utilize play therapy techniques with my child clients, and parents are always a part of the work we do. For my teen and adult clients, I practice mainly from Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral standpoints which emphasize the client’s innate ability to change and grow.

I have worked extensively with survivors of trauma, and am trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy. I am very passionate about physical activity and the importance of integrating it into everyone’s daily routine. I also deeply value the bond between humans and animals, particularly in my trauma-focused work.

In addition to my experience in providing individual, family, and group therapy, I have a special expertise in providing diagnostic mental health evaluations and assessments, including those for the court system and in emergency or crisis situations. A common example of this would be the court-ordered mental health evaluations (for parents and children) often required in custody cases. Having completed many of these, I understand what is required by the courts and can provide a thorough evaluation for the client to submit to their attorney or judge. While not the most important part of therapy, I do feel that a solid and accurate diagnosis is important; it will guide your treatment and so is often the first step towards healing.

In addition, my background has included specific training in administering and scoring various mental health measures (tests) such as brief IQ testing for adults and children ages 4 and up. I can administer these as part of our therapeutic work, or as part of a consultation or evaluation. On the personal side, I am the married mom of 3 great kids ranging in age from toddlerhood to middle school. In my spare time, I love hiking these gorgeous Colorado foothills with my family and our 2 dogs!