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Alexandria Ambrose

Alexandria Ambrose - Psy.D.

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Alexandria believes you are the expert of your own life but that healing can be nearly impossible  to do on your own.

Alexandria Ambrose

Hi! I am Dr. Alexandria Ambrose, licensed psychologist in Colorado and credentialed  in the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. I earned my doctorate in  Clinical Psychology from the University of Hartford in 2019. I have had clinical  experiences in residential school, inpatient hospital, forensic inpatient, intensive  outpatient, and university counseling center settings.  

My most meaningful experiences include working with those coping with chronic  medical illness, relational trauma, grief and loss, disordered eating patterns, and  major life transitions. I provide gender and LGBTQ+ affirming services throughout my practice.  I’m a firm believer that not one size fits all, so I work collaboratively with you to cope  and heal from these stressors. I approach this work genuinely and compassionately. I  believe you are the expert of your own life but that healing can be nearly impossible  to do on your own.

In our work, we will reflect on systems that perpetuate forms of  discrimination that absolutely impact your mental and physical health, heal from  painful experiences, work through complicated emotions, navigate relationships, and  learn coping skills. We will talk about your present concerns and how they impact  your daily life, such as relationships, physical health, and cultural identities. My  approach also includes processing past experiences and relationships which shape  who we are and how we navigate the world. I believe that so many stressors make our  life feel out of our control, and therapy can be a time to reclaim some of that and  reconnect with yourself, others, and the feelings that you may have been given the  message that you should not or cannot feel. I look forward to providing an empowering and validating space where you can be  authentically yourself and find support in navigating the changes you want to make in therapy.

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