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Rachel Rossi

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Rachel Rossi - LPC
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Rachel is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been practicing therapy with children, teens, adults, couples, and families since 2012. Rachel is also both a Level I and II EMDR trained clinician.

Rachel’s approach is compassionate, collaborative, action-oriented and strengths-focused. She specializes in helping children, teens, and families manage challenging emotions and behaviors through play therapy and family therapy, and finds joy in helping families foster trust and connection and to heal from past trauma. As an EMDR trained clinician, Rachel also enjoys working with individuals of all ages who have experienced trauma or challenging life experiences and transitions. Rachel practices an integrated therapeutic approach utilizing evidenced-based methods tailored to each individual and family to mobilize their strengths in order to get unstuck from challenging patterns of communication and behaviors. Rachel utilizes CBT, EMDR, play therapy, mindfulness, and family systems among other approaches to best support her clients. In addition to working with children and adolescents, Rachel enjoys working with adults to support them in navigating challenging experiences, managing stressors, addressing trauma, and optimizing mental health and well-being.

Rachel earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Montana and earned a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Western Washington University. Rachel received 4.0 cumulative grade point averages both in undergraduate and graduate school, and as a lover of learning frequently pursues continuing education to stay abreast with advancements in the field. She has worked in residential settings, outpatient settings, in-home, in a University setting, and inside of a high school. Additionally, Rachel loves to share knowledge of mental health and trauma, and has given presentations and trainings in the community, at a regional conference, and has published three “Ask A Therapist” articles in the region.

Whether you or your child are experiencing difficult transitions, working through past trauma, managing difficult behaviors or conflict within your relationship, or needing extra support in some aspect of your life, Rachel is privileged to work along side you.