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We all have times when things in our lives just aren’t going the way we hoped, or times where we’ve lost someone or something important to us, or times when things seem to have totally fallen apart. Many times in addition to those struggles, we are beating ourselves up over what we consider to be personal flaws, or from a place of shame about something in our past. Those times can feel bleak and lonely, and challenge our ability to have a positive outlook. We often don’t know how to feel good about ourselves or our lives in those times.

Another perspective is that difficult times present a call to “wake up” and make changes that allow us to live fuller lives going forward. As a therapist I help clients uncover and work with self-limiting beliefs and habits that are usually very entrenched and hidden in the unconscious. I also help people assess their coping tools and learn new tools to help deal with the variety of things that happen in life. Therapy offers the insight, tools and support needed to make changes, helping people to have more of what they need and want in relationships, personal life and work, and to become kinder to themselves. Doing the work of therapy opens up possibilities that previously weren’t even “on the map”.

Janice has been in private practice since 1994, working primarily with adults of all ages. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Psychology and then received a master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University. Her work is client-centered and focuses on a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, grief, and problems related to substance/alcohol abuse. She also works with older adolescents when substance issues are involved. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is also certified by the state of Colorado as an Addictions Counselor.

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