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Treating Depression with a Social Network

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Treating Depression with a Social Network

Unless you live in the Denver area, it’s not always easy to locate a good therapist who is conveniently located, is accepting new patients, accepts your insurance, and has expertise with the issues that are troubling you.

Panoply engages several patients in cognitive behavior therapy, a type of psychotherapy which helps people think more rationally, which in turn improves bad feelings and negative outlook. Panoply was inspired by social media applications, but his new software application, Panoply, is exclusive because it features a specific goal – to deal with depression.

But if you live in or around the Denver, Colorado area, there is a network of superb therapists and licensed counselors, available for you at Westside Behavioral Care. The software on Westside’s home page allows you to search the network of 25 therapists by insurance, location, and specialty, which then brings up therapist matches along with their bios, addresses, phone numbers, directions, and profile. Or one can call Westside’s number, 303-986-4197, during business hours to be scheduled by the receptionist right away.

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