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Diem Phan

Diem Phan - Ph.D.

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Diem is only providing evaluations and conducting testing at this time.

Dr. Phan aims to assist individuals in overcoming their emotional pain to live a meaningful life.

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Dr. Diem Phan is a Psychologist in the Denver community specializing in using culturally-sensitive Acceptance-Commitment Therapy, Dialectical-Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, interpersonal difficulties, family-of-origin concerns, grief/loss, cultural diversity issues, and trauma across the lifespan.

She also specializes in general psychological fitness, International Adoption, Learning Disability, personality, IQ, socio-emotional/behavioral, and ADHD evaluations. Dr. Phan is trained in Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR).

Dr. Phan aims to assist individuals in overcoming their emotional pain to live a full and meaningful life. She provides a free phone screening consultation to evaluate your needs in order to ensure quality of services.

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Online Therapy

Diem Phan offers online therapy sessions through scheduled appointments. All Westside providers have access to HIPAA compliant and secure teleconferencing software to protect client privacy. Instructions to access a scheduled session will be sent directly by the provider leading up to the appointment.

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