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Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

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Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

woman sitting in front of computer covering face with her handsAll who struggle with panic symptoms or other types of severe anxiety have individualized patterns in which these issues are expressed; however, an especially common anxiety symptom is extreme fear or dread.


Examples of excessive tension and irrational fear include:

  •  Overpowering feelings of stress and anxiety under conditions that do not seem to others to warrant that degree of concern.
  • Bad dreams, problems sleeping, nightmares, and night terrors.
  • Unmanageable, obsessive ideation and cognitive “wheel spinning.”
  • Compulsive rituals or behavior superstitiously designed to ward off catastrophe.
  • Involuntary flashbacks to traumatic situations or other painful events or memories.
  • Sweating, numbness, tingling, dissociation.
  • Difficulty breathing, breathlessness, or rapid breathing.
  • Chest discomfort or pain.
  • Rapid heart beat.
  • Nausea, lightheadedness, or inability to concentrate.

The specific therapy strategy used will depend on the kind of anxiety disorder, its severity, and personal preferences. Usually, most anxiety disorders are treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication, or some combination of the two.

Two women having a meeting by a windowTherapy for Anxiety

Therapy clients should give sufficient time to a treatment plan to actually gauge its success. And, now and again people might have to try a number of different therapy combinations to discover the precise one for them.

There are a number of highly skilled, compassionate, and licensed therapists in Denver and nearby areas who specialize in the counseling and therapy of anxiety.