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Depression Signs & Symptoms

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Depression Signs & Symptoms

There are a number of fine, highly qualified therapists in and around the Denver area who are trained to recognize and treat depression.

The severity and time period of depressive symptoms will be different for every person. However, you will find some common symptoms across most kinds of depression; for example:

Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. A thought that there is little or nothing that you can do that will help.

Feelings of worthlessness or just being excessively self-critical.

An overall reduction in the capacity to feel pleasure.

Feeling physically drained or perhaps an overall feeling of slowness. Finishing even a little task can seem overwhelming.

Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness or oversleeping.

Overeating or appetite loss leading to putting on weight or weight loss.

Persistent, inexplicable pains and aches for example headaches, muscles aches, cramps or bloating.

A persistent sense of sadness, anxiousness or generalized avoidance that you simply can’t stop.

Low tolerance for daily frustrations.

Difficulty recalling particulars, making choices or focusing on one activity or subject.

Ideas of suicide, or suicide attempts.

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