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DORA/DOI & Kaiser Permanente Anti-Bias Video Training & Survey


DORA’s Division of Insurance (DOI) has published Network Adequacy Standards which require insurers (including Kaiser Permanente) to ensure providers and support teammates complete anti-bias training and a demographic survey.

“The purpose of this regulation is to provide carriers offering the Colorado Option standardized bronze, silver, and gold health benefit plans with the requirements to offer a culturally responsive network of providers and the action plan elements if the network does not meet these standards as required by 10-16-1304(2), C.R.S.”
Link to regulations page
Link to full network adequacy standards policy, requirements, and additional details

To meet this requirement, Kaiser Permanente has provided us with a toolkit of videos compiled into an easy to watch format below. Please set aside 50 minutes to watch the diversity, equity, and inclusion videos below, then complete the survey at the bottom of the page.

Video 1 – What is Diversity and Inclusion?
(6:30 min)

Video 2 – The Business Case for Inclusion and Diversity
(1:50 min)

Video 3 – What is the cultural iceberg?
(1:50 min)

Video 4 – What is cultural competence?
(2:04 min)

Video 5 – What is intersectionality?
(2:50 min)

Video 6 – What is implicit bias?
(1:21 min)

Video 7 – In-group versus Out-group bias
(4:40 min)

Video 8 – Bias in health care
(4:48 min)

Video 9 – The double bind in the workplace
(2:29 min)

Video 10 – What are micro-behaviors and what’s their impact?
(4:00 min)

Video 11 – How to overcome implicit bias?
(6:10 min)

Video 12 – Making the Unconscious Conscious
(3:58 min)

Video 13 –  How can we be more inclusive?
(3:21 min)

Video 14 – How to be an ally?
(3:58 min)

You’re almost done! Please complete the required survey below after watching the videos above.

Though completing the survey is required, you may select “Prefer not to answer” for any field you’re not comfortable answering. This information will be shared with Kaiser de-identified and analyzed at a macro group level.

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