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Our licensed, therapists in Denver and surrounding areas see adults, couples, children, teens and families.

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Westside Won PacifiCare Insurance Company's 1st Prize for Marriage Counseling and Denver Therapy.

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great experience with my Westside therapist

I have had a great experience with my Westside therapist. She has bent over backward to schedule me and support my self journey. - Ben B.

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We provide multi-award-winning therapists, marriage counselors and psychologists throughout the Denver metro area. Our licensed therapists practice a wide variety of specialty areas. So consult a superb clinician who sees adults, children, adolescents, families, or couples. 

Our licensed therapists have the following specializations:

Adult Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Children, Teen and Adolescent, OCD, Panic Attacks, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Women's Issues, EMDR, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and much more. 

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To schedule an appointment with a therapist in Denver or surrounding area, please call us at 303-986-4197 (or 720-477-2466) during business hours so that our kind receptionist can assist you. Or use our Find a Therapist service to your right to self-schedule 24/7.


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Our director, Denver psychologist Thomas Giles, introduces Westside's therapists in Denver and nearby areas.

Top Denver Therapists Who Specialize in Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy Throughout the Metro Area

Hearing from a friend that Westside Behavioral Care has trusted Denver therapists, and marriage counselors citywide, Janie calls Westside’s number (303-986-4197). A nice receptionist answers the call after 2 rings. Janie asks if Westside has a female therapist in Denver or in the Greenwood Village area who is accepting new clients, sees children, accepts Anthem Blue Cross insurance, and has openings on Monday or Wednesday afternoons. The receptionist offers an appointment with either of two Denver therapists, both of whom fit these criteria. Janie accepts the soonest appointment, leaves her email address and number, and the appointment is set. She receives an immediate confirmation via email. Her therapist calls her the day before the appointment to make sure everything is set. Janie’s daughter loved the therapist and began doing much better in school.

- We Accept Your Insurance and Welcome New Clients. - We see Adult Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Marriage Counseling,Teens and Children, PTSD, Addictions, And much, much more (click the Specialties tab). - We offer small wait times and flexible appointments. - Call 303-986-4197 or self-schedule online from the home page.

2 Easy Ways to Get an Appointment

1) Call our courteous receptionist at 303-986-4197 during business hours to discuss your needs. She'll schedule an appointment with one of our licensed, caring therapists or counselors near you. 


2) Self-Schedule your first therapy appointment 24/7 using the Schedule Online software in the blue panel to the right (or please scroll down if on a mobile device). Our system requires extremely minimal information, all of which is protected by encryption and the latest security safeguards. After hours and weekend appointments are available and many insurance plans are accepted.

More Information on Our Superb Therapists:

Our licensed therapists are well trained experts with specializations in EMDR, marriage therapy, couples counseling, adult problems, child problems, anxiety, and many other issues.On average, they spent 5-7 years in post-graduate education to earn a degree as a psychologist; 3-5 years to earn a degree as a Clinical Social Worker or Professional Counselor. Many of our therapists also have completed clinical internships. 

Our psychologists and other fine therapists have passed one or more clinical examinations before Colorado licensing boards. Colorado also requires psychologists and therapists in Denver and throughout the state to obtain continuing education. 

More Information on Finding a Good Therapist in Denver:

Assuming that you wish to use insurance (including private insurance plans, employee assistance programs, Medicare and Medicaid) to help with the cost of therapy, you often will need to find a therapist who not only accepts your insurance plan but also is formally accepted by that plan. 

You can often find a list of credentialed therapists by visiting your insurance plan's website, although be forewarned: Insurance websites often have hundreds of names of therapists, and sorting through that many names can be overwhelming. There also may be no way to know from these websites which of the therapists is accepting new patients or has the specialty you need, such as marriage therapy or EMDR.

As an alternative, Westside Behavioral Care's kind receptionist helps people obtain appointments with top therapists in Denver and surrounding areas on the spot, providing matches by specialization (e.g., marriage therapy or couples counseling), insurance, and location (not just in Denver but also in Golden, Wheat Ridge, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Aurora, and other areas). An appointment can usually be obtained in 5-10 minutes without the inconvenience of voice mail, sorting through lists, or phone tag. 

Obtaining General Information on Therapy, Therapists, and Psychologists:

Please feel free to click our Resources tab above to learn more about therapy and mental health. The American Psychological Association is also a good resource for adult therapy, marriage therapy, couples counseling, psychologists, and current counseling topics.

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