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Licensed, award-winning therapists provide counseling for adults, couples, children, adolescents and families in 23 locations throughout Denver and surrounding areas.

Immediate Appointments

Call our knowledgeable receptionists or use our online system to find the right therapist in the right location. No phone tag, no voicemail, no hassle.

Wide Range of Specialties

Our experienced therapists represent a wide range of clinical backgrounds, specialties and counseling services.

Locations Throughout Denver and Surrounding Cities

Our goal is to make mental health care accessible and affordable. We have offices in 23 locations in the Denver metro area and accept many health plans.

It's Easy to Make an Appointment

Call our caring, knowledgeable receptionist to discuss your needs. We'll schedule an appointment immediately with a therapist near you.

Or use our secure online scheduling system. Our system requires minimum information, no social security number and minimal clinical detail. All information is protected by encryption and the latest security safeguards.

After hours and weekend appointments are available and many insurance plans are accepted.

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About Westside Behavioral Care

At Westside Behavioral Care our mission is to be available, easy to access and affordable. We are an experienced group of licensed therapists and counselors with offices in 23 locations throughout Denver and surrounding cities. Our award-winning therapists practice a wide variety of specialty areas serving children, adolescents, adults, couples and families, and work with many insurance companies.

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