Licensed, Caring Therapists Throughout Denver and Surrounding Areas

Award-winning therapists and counselors provide adult, couples, child, adolescent and family therapy - for many mental health problems and stresses - throughout the Denver area.

Immediate Appointments

Call our knowledgeable receptionists or use our online system to find the right therapist in the right location. No phone tag, no voice mail, no hassle.

Wide Range of Specialties

Our experienced therapists represent a wide range of clinical backgrounds, specialties and counseling services.

Locations Throughout Denver and Surrounding Areas

Our goal is to provide exceptional mental health care. We have offices in many locations throughout the Denver metro area and accept most health insurance plans.

2 Easy Ways to Get An Appointment

1) Call our courteous receptionist at 303-986-4197 during business hours to discuss your needs. She'll schedule an appointment with one of our licensed, caring therapists or counselors near you.
2) Self-Schedule your first therapy appointment 24/7 (using the Schedule Online software in the blue panel to the right). Our system requires extremely minimal information, all of which is protected by encryption and the latest security safeguards.

After hours and weekend appointments are available and many insurance plans are accepted.

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What they say...

Westside Won PacifCare's 1st Prize for Clinical Effectiveness 4 Years Running

For the past several years, we've been closely monitoring the quality of our network practitioners. We are pleased to say that you are among those demonstrating the best clinical outcomes. Thank you again for continuing to provide exceptional care and service to our members. - Jerry Vaccaro, M.D. CEO PacifiCare Behavioral Health

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We provide award-winning therapists and counseling services throughout Denver and other nearby areas. Our caring, licensed, carefully chosen therapists

practice a wide variety of specialty areas and serve children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. (See our Specialties list.)

To schedule an appointment just call us at 303-986-4197 during business hours or use our Find a Therapist service to your right to self-schedule 24/7.

Featured Videos

A national teen alcohol epidemic is portrayed here along with relevant statistics and music.

This is a brief segment on the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy.

Please take a moment to view our Denver Therapy video welcoming you to our Denver city-wide practice. It is our honor to serve those in the Denver area who are seeking therapy to improve their lives.

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Schedule Online

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