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When Do You Need a Marriage Counselor?

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When Do You Need a Marriage Counselor?

man and woman sitting on opposite sides of couchEvery marriage is different and has to be perceived as such. There is no “right” time to go in for marriage counseling. Every case is deemed as individualistic and married couples may opt for counseling at any point in their marriage. This may be at a time when there is an issue that is currently prevalent. Couples could also feel the need to see a marriage counselor to avoid future problems.

Why marriage counseling?

Every relationship, be it a marriage or otherwise, goes through ups and downs. Issues and problems are as common as day and night. Many of these begin as something inconsequential and build up to something more serious. At any rate, several of these issues can be sorted out through marital therapy. It’s far from easy to maintain a relationship. Anyone that’s been in one knows how much love, patience, consideration and empathy has to be invested.

Marriage counseling creates a secure place for couples to convey their thoughts. They can do this without the fear of judgment. The marriage counselor is an unbiased mediator, objectively seeing things from different points of view. Several couples have been encouraged, through the counseling process, to compromise. As a result, both sides reach a common ground to eliminate stress that is bearing down on the relationship. A licensed marriage counselor can make resources and tools available to couples that are not experiencing serious problems too. The aim of marriage counseling is to see that couples reach healthy relationship goals and maintain them.

woman resting her head on friend's shoulderSigns and signals for couples to seek counseling

The reasons for which couples seek counseling are limitless. Nonetheless, at times, there isn’t a reason at all. Sometimes, reasons are insignificant to warrant the intervention of marriage counseling. Going to counseling sessions doesn’t mean that couples have adverse issues to address. Partners may make a positive choice, together, to go into counseling as a way to keep their marriage happy.

Nevertheless, there are some sure-fire reasons to go into marriage counseling with your significant other. Here are some of the more customary ones:

  • Cheating – When one of the partners in a marriage commits adultery, it causes a rift of mistrust. Sometimes both may have been unfaithful. Infidelity doesn’t always translate into the end of a relationship. If problems can be worked through, couples may discover that their relationship is stronger than it was earlier.
  • Pregnancy – A pregnancy and subsequent birth of a child can be a cause for great stress in a relationship. Strain and fatigue can lead to not contributing enough to the relationship. Partners may become distant. Marriage counseling may be the answer to problems such as these.
  • Lack of intimacy and/or communication – Marriages often experience a period of lack of intimacy and sex. Perhaps, it is one partner that is experiencing this. Many reasons account for this, not least, a sudden spurt in work. Such periods aren’t lasting and counseling can reveal the reasons. Maybe, there is a lack of communication, or the quantity is there without the quality. It’s important to note that it’s not how much you communicate, but what you convey. More often than not, conversations travel along frivolous paths, leaving the relevant stuff out.
  • Emotional Disorders – If either of the partners has a mental illness, such as major depression, it can put a lot of strain on a relationship. This may be a symptom of a significant underlying circumstance, such as unemployment. The cause may not be discovered until a counselor steps in. Further, steps to deal with problems can be worked on through marriage counseling
  • Major Life Changes – Whether life changes are positive or negative, a period of adjustment and coping must follow. This may result in stress that neither of the partners expected or can handle appropriately. The life change may be a move to a new residence, a new marriage, or a change in finances.

Looking Ahead with Marriage Therapy

Marriage counseling is a reasonable way ahead when both partners feel that their marriage is being impacted negatively. Both partners must mutually detect that issues need addressing. Moreover, they should want to keep the relationship intact. With these initial thoughts in mind, the outcomes are more prone to be positive.

A marriage counselor exists to resolve issues in a relationship. Either one or both partners may have decided on going into marital therapy. Nonetheless, it is not unusual for one or both to be uneasy or apprehensive at first. In the first session of marriage counseling, it is important to explain why you have sought help. The counselor needs to know your motives are in the right place before actual treatment starts.

Like all therapies, marriage counseling can help many couples smooth over rough patches in their lives. In choosing a counselor, it’s noteworthy that he or she should have reputable credentials and certification. Clients may want recommendations to ensure that they are in good hands and things will progress smoothly. It is easy to find and schedule an appointment with one of our marriage counselors in Denver and nearby areas.