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Shannon Hicks

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Shannon Hicks - LPC / MA / NCC

- Offers sessions in-person and online

Available on 6/2/2022 at 10:00 AM. Book appointment.

Shannon has experience working with those who are facing life after divorce, grief, and addiction.

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Shannon is a seasoned therapist who graduated in 2007 from Denver Seminary. Shannon has a deep passion for restoring individuals, couples and families. She is certified in Emotionally Focused Couples therapy, family systems, Attachment issues, crisis intervention, trauma, and eating disorders. She has extensive experience working with those who are facing life after divorce, having teen issues, and those who suffer from grief of losing a loved one, plus, those who suffering from addiction.

Shannon is currently writing a book about her sons life, addiction and death. She believes God has placed her in a position to sit with those who hurt and in need of finding joy, fulfillment and wholeness.

State Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Nationally Board Certified Counselor

Graduate of Denver Seminary and have been in private practice since 2007. I have also worked as a Family Program Director and Primary Therapist for Community Recovery Center of Colorado where I ran several groups such as trauma, CBT, DBT, Body image, ect.  In 2011-2012 I worked as a Primary Therapist for Eating Disorder Center of Denver. I ran my private practice the whole time.

Certified in the Following:

Certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT): which is a type of clinical hypnosis

RRT is designed specifically to help clear traumatic events, addictions, panic attacks, anxiety, grief, and feelings of guilt and shame.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy : which focuses on how to emotionally attachment and the attachment styles in how we relate to one another.

Premarital Therapy: ENRICH program

Crisis Intervention: Work on the Denver Seminary Crisis team

CE courses and years of training in these areas:

Extensive training in the areas of Adolescent and Child therapy, Family and Marital conflict, Divorce, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Grief and Loss, Mood and Personality Disorders, crisis of faith, biblical studies (basically Christian therapy is needed)


Practice style is eclectic, laid back but directive. I use therapeutic modalities such as DBT, CBT, RRT, Mindfulness and Walk therapy.

When something is traumatic it slams into awareness and leaves a lasting impression. Even when the experience is finished deeper parts of the mind may continue to respond as if it is still occurring. It is as if this deeper part of the mind has not gotten the good news, the news that the painful experience is finished. Even experiences that have been repressed or consciously forgotten can continue to exert a negative influence. This may affect emotions, thinking, relationships, behavior and even health.