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Laine Williams

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Laine Williams - LCSW

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I started my career as a therapist in inpatient psychiatric hospitals and worked for several years with people suffering from a range of symptoms and illnesses, many of whom had significant trauma histories. My experience has solidified a firm belief that everyone deserves to heal and feel joy, no matter what has happened to them or what they have done to cope.

My philosophy as a therapist is that mental health must be approached holistically from a mind-body perspective. I utilize a variety of mindfulness education techniques and exercises in sessions to help my clients find solutions for chronic anxiety and PTSD symptoms. I believe in a somatic approach to healing, which means I think that chronic stress and PTSD must be understood in terms of how it impacts the nervous system. I teach skills to help my clients track where stress is being held in the body, and how to utilize mindbody awareness to create release.

I also specialize in grief counseling and teach clients how to experience the very big emotions connected to love, loss, and transitions.
I approach my clients from a place of deep compassion, non-judgment, and curiosity. Safe connection is a foundational part of healing and I aim to bring acceptance (and a little bit of humor!) to my clients’ lives as we explore the parts of your journey that have led you to seek counseling.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation either in person or over the phone where I can answer any questions you might have and we can determine if we would work well together. I look forward to meeting you!