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Jill Alexander

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Jill Alexander - LPC

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J.Alexander Counseling was founded on the ideals of compassion, safety, empathy, empowerment, trust, and communication. Together, we will work through any stress, difficulty or challenge that brings you in. I am passionate about working with children, families and individuals from all walks of life. I believe child and family counseling is the most effective method to realizing every child’s potential and every family’s fulfillment.

I create a safe environment where clients find the compassion and trust necessary to speak honestly and openly. In this climate, I provide solution-based therapy and results-driven tools of empowerment for your journey towards inner peace, contentment and happiness.

Your therapeutic experience is custom designed and tailored to your specific challenges, desires and goals. Anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, divorce, relocations, life changes, transitions, and school challenges all affect us deeply and differently. Together, we will find what works best for you and your family.

My practice is located in my home office in Castle Pines North. I find that this environment is more comfortable for my clients. I am assisted by my two freelancing therapy dogs, Charlie and Moose. Charlie is a sweet rescue who thinks she is a cat and loves to curl up on laps and Moose is a big goofball who provides comic relief. I can always remove them from the office if needed. I try to provide a stress free environment for my clients, especially children because often times I might be their first experience with counseling. With children I use tools such as glitter jars, worry stones, games and books to provide tools of support.

I am trained in Trauma Dynamics and am passionate about helping people disconnect triggers and work through their trauma to live a life free of old wounds and challenges. Trauma work is a unique exposure style treatment that has research based results.