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Denver Therapy: Treatments for Depression

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Denver Therapy: Treatments for Depression

Before care can be given, the client will be examined to find out when the signs and symptoms of interest are triggered by depression or some other medical problem (e.g., hypothyroidism, side effect of a medication).

Other possible accompanying ailments, including anxiety, anger management, trauma, relationship discord, drug or alcohol abuse, and elevated risk for self-harm also will be assessed.

Therapy and Counseling

There are a number of psychotherapies available to treat depression, and the one most highly researched at present is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).  Cognitive-behavior therapy concentrates on helping people change negative types of thinking that could lead to their depression. Negative, illogical, exaggerated and unreasonable cognition is replaced with a more positive response.

In the Denver, Colorado area, there are quite a number of licensed therapists who specialize in the treatment of depression.


Numerous antidepressant medicines are also available to treat depression, categorized through which chemicals inside the brain (serotonin, norepinephrine or dopamine) they affect. Medication is prescribed by physicians, especially psychiatrists. It is possible and often ideal to combine medication with therapy.

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